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New York Red Bulls

     The NY Red Bulls engaged Sony to begin upgrades to production and replay systems for their control room in Harrison, New Jersey. Working with the Red Bulls financial planners and KMH Integration, Sony crafted an implementation plan that allowed the Red Bulls production Team to perform a phased upgrade that minimized downtime but improved production quality, enhancing the fan experience on match days. Key production components including new field and RF wireless cameras as well a new production switcher installed by KMH, with Sony and KMH providing systems and product training and enabling the Red Bulls staff to begin using the new system for the start of the 2017 season.

     The Red Bulls retired their EVS system and rolled out the new Sony PWS 4500 replay system – the first in the country. Graphics support was introduced with Chryon Lyric tightly integrated with the replay workflow.

     Working with director of production, KMH devised a targeted reorganization of the control room and helped to improve the comfort level and workflow in the room on match days. A Sony BRC camera was installed high above the halfway line, providing a unique point of view to enhance the production. 

     In parallel with the overall design process, KMH worked with RBNY IT and post production personnel to move the operation into a file based workflow utilizing Sony new Optical Disc Archive technology (ODA), tying their existing post production group located in another part of the building into the new control room workflow. This supported increased speed and efficiency to the acquisition, post, replay and broadcast process.

Key Components and Manufacturers:

  • Sony HDC cameras

  • Fujinon lenses

  • Sony PWS 4500 replay server system

  • Sony MVS 6530 production switcher

  • Sony ODA

  • Studio Network Solutions EVO SAN

  • Chryron Lyric Graphics system

  • RTS Zeus III Intercom

  • Avocent KVM System

  • New Technical Furniture Forecast Consoles

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