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VICE Media

     When Vice media needed a systems integration company to meet their quick turnaround requirements to replace their main audio control room mixer while creating a secondary audio post and back-up room they turned to KMH Integration. Working with Vice engineering, KMH assessed the new system requirements and fabricated new cabling off site while planning the removal and re-integration of the existing mixer and room modifications necessary to support the new mixer.        

Vice also elected elected to enact ergonomic and system improvements. All of this was completed in a 10 day period with KMH and Vice working with Lawo engineers to configure and test the new audio system. Lawo utilizes AES 67 audio that was integrated with the Vice IP core routing system provided by Imagine Communications. Vice elected to utilize a nearby room and have KMH design in interconnectivity that would allow the old mixer to be relocated and act as a backup and be utilized for audio improvements.

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